Big Fish 117 Ministries - All For Jesus - 'Come follow me and I'll make you fishers for men' Mark 1:17
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Bradley Dale and Carole Cole
Carole Anne Cole
Founder & Director 
Big Fish 117 Ministries UK 

When The Lord God spoke to Carole, and  said  "Go to church ! " she didn't know what to think. But she obeyed she was dramatically saved and Jesus instantly became The Lord of her life. Since that day on the 16th December 2002, Carole has been filled with the love of Christ and a love for God's Holy Word. 
With fire in her heart and a passion for the gospel, her vision is to preach and witness the  message of salvation and win souls for Jesus. With boldness and faith for miracles, her heart is to see revival in this nation.
In her ministry she has seen that there is a great gap in what salvation truly is and evidence, understand that many, simply do not understand what being a disciple means or the truth and promise of God's word to those who are called to salvation.
It is with a renewed passion, that she is led to support and encourage believers of all denominations, and to teach and disciple churches and leaders r isolated or struggling pastors in Biblical truth. She is focused on joining with God's people to share in the need for preaching truth, sound teaching and the need for repentance and purity in the church.
Carole believes, the season and end time harvest of souls is very close. Having been used of The Lord to preach and teach Carole is witness to countless miracles. Her heart, is for many souls to enter into the Kingdom of heaven and says .......

"Now is the time for the church to arise with power and faith to change nations. Only preaching the true and pure Gospel message, will win the world..." and it is this revelation and focus that inspires a true believers life.  

"Its time for our nation to arise, to be bold - It's time for The Church to raise up Joshua's and David's and Deborah's and Esther's! Jesus is coming for His beautiful Bride, the true and living church, who worship and adore The lord in Spirit and in truth, churches must ask themselves are we lukewarm?"
Jesus is returning soon, It's a glorious life He has promised us, and  we are His bride. The Lord calls His people to return to the true "Good Old Fashioned Gospel" His story that  has changed the world and still does today - changing lives from the inside out ! So we Preach Jesus we must evangelise the lost and those who are in darkness . . ...Hallelujah .
We are compelled to share this beautiful message of Jesus Christ, Lord of all, who came to save us from our sin. Not psychology, not reasoning, not anything other than the cross and the blood that ransomed sinners from sin has the power to reach multitudes. We preach Jesus, we preach Christ crucified, we preach love and hope and grace, we preach truth ! 

Great Commission Society

"Equipping hundreds; to teach thousands; to reach millions; until the Great Commission is completed."

"Taking Our Place In Fulfilling Jesus Christ’s Commission To Proclaim The Gospel Message To Everyone"

"Supporting You To Take Your Place In Proclaiming The Gospel Message"   

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The GCS Gospel Message

The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

When the risen Lord began building His Church, He asked a single question. Not, “Do you believe in Me?” but, “Do you love Me?” For us sisters and the small group of brothers who began joining us twenty years later, how we answer this question is central to our daily lives. Love cannot be conserved. Spending time with Jesus each day renews our spiritual passion.
Committing to a life of discipleship in a community and society like ours is definitely a challenge: a life of celibacy with no claim to personal property, income or further education. Our lifestyle runs counter to today’s consumerism and is no easy choice. But Jesus never changes. He still seeks our love. And He is the only one who can fulfil our deepest longings and give us a joy that no one can ever take from us. His forgiving love awakens our gratitude and rekindles the flame of our love whenever it is in danger of growing dim.